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Family Portraits

Polarized Imagery & Markting Family Portraits and photgraphy.


- 2 hour session

- Edited portraits

-Shareable online gallery

- 8x11 print

As life goes on we invest so much time and money in new experiences to make memories that you'll cherish forever. Most are quick to get their smart phone and snap a few pics for Instagram or Facebook.

While smart phones progress in features and capabilities, they fail at capturing the perspective that helps differentiate cell phone images from real art. Do you really want to depend on software struggling to guess where the subject is in your portrait?


We count on these portraits to remember those cherished moments with your friends and family. Sharing artistic portraits helps connect us with the world and help tell our story long after we pass on. They keep your inner circle updated on your biggest accomplishments and milestones in your life. 

Our photographers help create and capture those special moments at the location of your choice within the two hour time session. You can choose from studio or outdoor sessions and even offer fun digital backgrounds. Our portraits are professionally edited and uploaded into your personal, online gallery making it effortless to text or email to whom you choose.

We encourage you to pick your top 5 portraits to print and frame for your home. Our prints are perfect for filling up that empty space on your walls and are perfect for starting conversation with your guest. 

Our photographers are kind and specialize in creating a fun atmosphere to help ensure that you and family have a great time during your session. They have years of experience in all types of photography styles and lighting conditions.


Contact us, so we can learn more about your portrait ideas and to book your session today! 

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