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Virtual Tours

PIM 3D VR Tours- Ducati Sanford

Online shoppers have fallen in love with virtual tours and the number of viewers is elevating everyday.


It's important to have a virtual tour presentation that is attractive and will convey to the prospective buyer, as if they are looking at the actual home or business.

Our 3D VR tours offer more than the standard or 360 photo and allows your visitors to view your estate in different perspectives that help them fall in love your home. 

Once you enter the tour, the user is able to navigate throughout the home or business any where with a single touch.

The VR tour allows you to measure walls, floors, rooms, patios, garages and more!


They can also view the estate or business as a 3D model and traditional floor plan with measurements. This allows your potential clients plan a layout that works for them. 


VR Text, Email and Website

Share Your VR Tour

Couple with Mobile Phone

Easily text or email anyone from any device!

Our VR tours are easily shared through email or text making them a powerful marketing tool that help you set up more appointments and close more deals. As your visitors get excited about their potential new home, they won't be able to resist sharing it with their inner circle, giving your listing even more exposure.


One of our favorite features of the tour are the statistic reports that are available upon request to help you track your client's interest on each listing.


VR Trackable Staistics

Trackable Statistics

PIM VR Tours.png

The trackable statistics allow you to stay updated on your client's interest for each listing or VR interactive showroom as your seasonal product selection changes.


It also allows you to track your virtual traffic weekly as you advertise to different markets in your area, so you know which market to invest in. We send statistic reports upon request or scheduled them for weekly, monthly or 90 day time periods. 

The VR tour is delivered within 24 hours through email when completed or can be added to an existing website or listing.

VR Measuring Tool

Measuring tool

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As people explore through your VR tour, they will be able to use the measuring tool allowing them to measure point to point within the tour. This feature is a favorite among home shoppers because it helps them during furniture shopping and home planning.


They can now go to different furniture stores with your tour as they search for the perfect sofa to help vision each rooms layout. This feature is available whether visitors are accessing your tour on a desktop or mobile device. 

VR Floor Plan

Floor plans

Floor Plan Example
PIM Floor Plan.jpg

Floor plans are important and serve as a great tool to help anyone envision everything the home has to offer by providing a broad view of the layout. We include the 3D floor plan and the Schematic Floor Plan can be added. A floor plan usually shows different sections of the estate such as living room, kitchen, garage, bedrooms and more. 


Floor plans allow potential home buyers to understand the flow of the property, sections and how the sections connect. It's important to have an accurate floor plan that buyers and renters can count on to help create the lifestyle they desire.

Schematic Floor Plans are available in PDF, PNG and SVG formats.

Tours must be public to create a Floor Plan. Tours that aren't public will be delayed until they're made public.

 We do not provide Schematic Floor Plan for tours larger than 25,000 square feet (2,300 square meters). Floor Plans are calculated using Gross Internal Area (GIA) by default. GIA measures to the Internal face of walls. This may or may not conform to standards within certain regions or industries.

VR Traditional Photos

Traditional photos


Traditional photos may not be as interactive as a VR tour but do serve an important purpose and are still a must have for any marketing campaign. Traditional portraits are easier to view for people who have trouble using advanced marketing tools. High quality portraits are key to initially attracting your clients eye to your listing for all digital marketing. 


Whether your ad is on your website or a 3rd party site, traditional photos are necessary to market on all digital marketing platforms and are a gateway to your other marketing tactics such as virtual tours, Google Ads, email blast and physical marketing materials. 


VR Tour Highlights

Tour Thumbnail Highlights

PIM VR Higlights

Tour highlights are perfect for jumping to the different sections of the estate or business. This is a great feature for those who want to see the exact section they're looking for quickly, especially if they're at the store looking at furniture or home goods. Simply touch the desired section and the tour will jump to it.

VR 3D Model View

3D Model View


Take advantage of the included 3D model to allow your viewers to see an overview of the property. This helps them plan the business or home layout for future building and remodeling.

3D Auto Tour

3D Auto Tour

Smart Phone with Smiling Girl

The 3D auto tour feature is a great tool that allows you to automatically navigate throughout the floor for bigger showrooms or estates. Your visitors can stop the tour at anytime by simply touching or clicking the screen. Once they are done exploring the area, they can resume the tour with just one touch. 

VR Explore Ducati

Explore Ducati Sanford In 3D

Ducati Sanford.png
Screenshot 2020-06-26 00.01.54.png
PIM 3D VR Tours
VR Interactive Online Store

Interactive VR Showrooms

Our interactive showroom floor takes our 3D VR tours to the next level and is used to increase sales of all kinds! Every retail store or dealership has a showroom of some sort whether food, cars, electronics or raw materials are being sold.


A showroom floor allows potential customers to view your products up close and learn more about it to determine if it fits their wants or needs. A well presented showroom floor will keep visitors interested longer and are more likely to purchase with you as they explore.

Our 3D interactive showrooms display your inventory while providing wanted information about the product. This information is customizable to your business marketing needs and is updatable with your current promotions. We can insert any commercials, 3rd party websites, promotional ads and more. It works hand in hand with any current online store or website that you use and is easily integrated into your sales process. 

If you do not currently have an online store or website, visit our Marketing Solutions page to learn more about what we can do for you. We make it easy to receive a quick quote online or over the phone. We'd like to learn more about your business needs and budget, so we can customize a marketing plan that suites your specific needs.


Ducati Sanford's VR Showroom

Ducati Sanford VR Showroom.png

Accessible from any device

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Get your business or estate noticed with our 3D VR tours and interactive VR showrooms. Contact us today to let us know about your specific business needs, so we can provide more info for you. 

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